Saturday, March 24, 2018

Our Pastors

Pastors Richard and Veronica Robles.

Pastor Richard and Veronica Robles learned firsthand of the difficulties faced by many in this city. In 2000, with a congregation of 7 members, they set their sights on the West Side of San Antonio for establishing Igniting the Harvest Christian Church, knowing they could not forsake the path God had led them to. Despite the overwhelming obstacles that have precluded many before them from establishing a strong presence in the area, Pastor Richard and Veronica have established a church of vision and hope that continues to thrive, serving as a refuge to those who continue to live within the margins of society.  
Under the leadership of Pastor Richard & Veronica, Igniting the Harvest Christian Church has expanded its efforts, to help others by organizing community health fairs, creating awareness about children in need of adoption, and organizing missionary trips to impoverished areas of Mexico to preach the gospel and provide food and clothing to Orphans and the poor.
Known for their endless dedication and with 18 years as Pastors at Igniting the Harvest, they remain dedicated to helping others become connected with God, fueled by the thought that many have yet to be introduced to Him. Igniting the Harvest Christian Church has been host to the President of National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), Hispanic Evangelical Association Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, Congressman Joaquin Castro. The Mayor of San Antonio Julian Castro and Texas State Representative Phillip Cortez who have highlighted Pastor Richard and Veronica's commendable work in the area. As of August 2012 Pastor Richard is honored to be on the Board of Directors, National Hispanic Christian Leaders NHCLC, for the purpose of representing a strong Latino voice for life, family, immigration, human trafficking, poverty, education and more.